Skip time-wasting government bureaucracy and find all the DMV information related to owning and driving a vehicle in Vermont in no time. With our help, you’ll find out how to solve your issues online and not in line, as well as you’ll learn the locations of Vermont DMV offices and you’ll get their contact information. Get the best DMV info on the web at or check out this A to Z vehicle guide ( in which everything, from registration of a car to the issuing of a driver’s license to safety and emission inspection, is explained in an easy-to understand-manner.

Types of Offices

  • DMV Main Office at Montpelier is in charge of dealing with DMV issues such as titles, registration, licenses, commercial licenses, non-driver IDs, permits and more.
  • The DMV Office handles titles, registration, licenses, commercial licenses, non-driver IDs, permits and more.
  • DMV Mobile Stations are authorized to deal with the same services that are provided by the DMV Branch Offices. But have in mind that Mobile Stations do not accept cash and thus all transactions must be carried out via personal checks, money order or credit cards. These stations are available in Dummerston, Middlebury, St. Albans, St. St. and White River Junction.
  • Town Clerk Offices, entitled by Vermont DMV, handle some registration renewals and generate temporary registration stickers. Don’t forget that these offices accept only money orders or checks and a $3 processing fee has to be paid in addition to the DMV fees for every transaction.

Working hours: All offices have different operating hours and they don’t operate on all days. Please verify the timings before heading to your preferred office.

Locations: The Vermont DMV has 11 statewide locations, including the main office in Montpelier and you can find them here.


If you want to make an appointment for your vision, knowledge and road tests, as well as tests related to commercial licenses, contact DMV at (802) 828-2085 or send an email to since people with appointments are given preference over people without appointments.

DMV Contact Information

Contact Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles at (802) 828-2000 for Driver Licensing & Title/Registration.
Check out the DMV government website at

Or contact Vermont DMV snail mail at the following address:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

120 State St.

Montpelier, VT 05603-0001